The First castle was built in 1066 by William the Conqueror.


Why were castles necessary in medieval time?

Castles were necessary in medieval times because they needed and had to have protection from the foreign invaders, which was mainly during the times of wars. At first the castles were built in a simple construction which was out of wood, which didn’t last a very long time. But as time passed things start to advance, therefore the weaponry and attacks became stronger so they had to make the building sophisticated. Later castles were built from stone, which lasted a longer period of time than the wooden ones which wasn’t very strong. Why Were castles built, copyright 2012

How has the castle changed over time?

The first castles that were built were called the Motte and Bailey castle which was on a hill. It was made simply out of wood with not too much work, and they were easy and quick to build. It also gave the soldiers a good view because they were high up but since it was made out of wood, it can rot and burn down quite easily so they started to change it to stone but didn’t work. Next it was the first stone tower was called a square keep; these were taller than the Motte and Bailey so that soldiers could see further places. This castle was stronger and lasted longer unlike wood which could rot and burn, although it did take a longer time to build. But if the enemy surrounded there would be no place to go. Then it was the shell keep castle; which was round so that all directions could be seen but it did have a weak gate way. After that the king had become wealthier so they built a even stronger one called Concentric, which took more time and was more expensive but was able to hold more food and people. After all his it was more of a place of comfort since there was less violence.!/2012/09/how-did-castles-change-over-time.html  Unknown Author the web is Korean

How castles were attacked and defended.

There were six main methods of attack one is fire. It was the most effective when the Motte and Bailey Castles were still in use since they were made out of wood. They would also fire, fire arrows inside the castle to force them out and then attack. Second was the battering ram. It was used for weakening or even destroying walls or doors caused by its powerful force as well as with a lot of men pushing it. Third were ladders, used to climb over walls but wasn’t the best idea since it would leave the men climbing at a disadvantage since the defenders could just push them away from the wall or pour something unpleasant on them, but then there was the belfry which could move around on wheels and could not be pushed down. Fourth was the catapult, they were large objects that flung things into the castle such as fire ball, rocks or dead things. Fifth was mining, it was a way to get inside a castle without being noticed or to put explosives under the castle to destroy it but if the people knew that there was people mining they would try to meet up with them and have a sword fight. The sixth was Siege which the attackers would surround the castle not letting anyone go out or in so that no supplies will go through and the people inside will eventually starve to death. The main defense was only to send all the women, elders, children, the weak and sick, so that the strong people stayed back to attack and the food stock could last longer. The castle its self was mainly the defense, it is was needed to give the defenders as much as advantages it could get the bigger and higher that castle were the more advantages it gave. For example if someone decided to mine the people on the castle could quickly spot the people digging and pour water in it. unknown author copyright 2000 unknown Author Web by Joax 2005 Copyrighted

How castle building come to an end

Castle building came to an end because gunpowder had come to existence. Gunpowder was first invented in China around the 9th century but had made its presents in Europe in about the late 13th century by trade routes. About in the 14th century, cannons had been invented, this resulted in castles being easily destroyed and the occupiers defeated. If cannon were besieged properly a castle could be taken down easily. Because of this castles ceased to build because they thought that there was no point in building something that was going to be destroyed so easily as well as it being so easily destroyed and expensive to repair and build.

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