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Why Castles were necessary

A castle is a structure that is protected against attack with several parts to it including: thick walls, battlements, towers, a moat etc.  During medieval times they were essential to protecting a King or Queen and providing a comfortable environment for them to live it. It was kind of like a tiny village in the middle of the building with a castle containing not only royalty but their servants, physicians, knights, friends and advisors. Hence, a castle not only protected the royalty but everyone else within its walls, which is why it was often heavily protected and guarded.


Life inside the castle

Inside the castle would be very organised they would have a social structure which would have peasants, knights etc. they would all be serving the lord of the castle the lord. The lord would have servants and soldiers that would work for him the lord would have a fireplace to keep warm during the cold days while the lower class would have lamps to get warmth. The lord would sit on a chair that he would only sit on while his rich nobles would have benches to sit on in the hall. The lord would have a room that would have curtains for privacy. The toilets they used in the time were called garderobe which would send waste to the moat. The lord would have butlers and cooks that would cook food like peacock swan magpie etc. The knights would have tournaments to such as melee battles and jousting.


How castles were attacked and defended

One way of attacking the castle is to surround the castle and stoped the water supply and food and waited till they starved to death the. Second way was to mine underground go underneath the castle and burn the bottom of the castle to make the castle collapse and also using catapults and bows etc. There was several ways of defending the castle, putting the castle on top of a steep hill to make it more difficult for the enemy to charge at them or even mine. Another way of defend the castle was to make it more circular which would give a better sight around the area for arches and make it easier to defend since there are no corners.


 Castle design

Castles were used in the medieval times to protect from enemies in war castles would be made out of wood and they would create a ditch in the floor then later in time they would put a serious of walls around a draw   this was the standard castle in the eleventh century. Till they created more complex castles that would have thicker walls or even stone walls for better protection they added battle parapets which would protect the soldiers from the inside of the castle from enemy fire, when an attack by the Normans they added dungeons which would be high in the sky around the castle, they also added a moat around the whole castle filled up with water which was better than a ditch they also added a bridge was part of the castle and would be lowered or raised over the moat this was called a drawbridge it would also be made out of iron to protect form enemy fire. The inside of a castle would have a water well food etc. to survive a long attack against the enemy. The dungeon was in ta box shape till it was created circular since it was easier to defend. The castle was complex yet again in the thirteenth century by adding other building to make it stronger and to have better defence they would also place castle in high areas so the land could be seen easier

The end of castles

Castles ended in the fifteenth century because of the beginning of gun powder which was used for cannons and mortars in that time. the mortars and cannons would shoot out heavy balls that would demolish the walls of the castle so enemy’s would be able to siege the castle by making a hole in the castle. Since then castles weren’t needed for anything because there would be no point of having them for protection.





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